I know that I'll keep changing. This is my story. It'll be a good one.

Hi, I’m Focian!


 I’m a freelance cosplay prop maker and 3D artist that specialises in parametric design.


I’m a big geek at heart with an ardent appreciation for all things nerdy in nature. I adore all aspects of gaming


Most of the items I forge are pursuits of passion from an eclectic selection of the media I love. If I see an awesome sword in a game, I think it’s a perfectly natural reaction to want to make one!




This journey started back in 2016 when I bought a Wanhao I3 Duplicator and downloaded a copy of Autodesk 123D.


My modelling was understandably amatueristic, but the process was alluring to me; I could make anything I wanted with enough practice! 


I knew I needed more time on it though, and ideas of things to make were almost too numerous! I got a little help with direction with this when someone I follow commented on searching for something that they couldn’t seem to find anywhere: Robb Stark’s Crown of Winter from ASOIAF. 



The result was far better than I was expecting!

The recipient was very happy with the item and offered to pay. Rather than setting a price and sending it off, I shipped it with the request to make a voluntary donation of any amount to a specific good cause. 


This set a precedent for how I would engage with item creation over the subsequent few years while learning the craft. I leveled up my craft, someone got an item they wanted and a good cause got a financial boost. 

Knowing the work I was doing was helping others was invaluable for motivation and this slowly built over time.


The next step is where I am right now as I type this: the jump from hobby to small business.  It is essential to me that the work I do helps, even just a tiny bit, on a grander scale.


As I evolve as a maker, so to will the way I can best offer help, and now I’ve hit level 16 I’m moving to monthly donations from my business account. If I grow, I hope so too will the donation amount I can offer.


I’m hoping to find that natural balance between commercial growth, positive impact and general good will with my work.

A Little Insight into my Process


The “Print It Yourself” versions are designed with no parts longer than 250mm to accommodate a wider variety of 3D Printers. 0.5mm width and 2mm length tolerance on all


For the design phase on a project to be considered completed, the following need to be finished and finalised:

  • Solid STL Master file
  • Raw Build STL files [RB]
  • Print It Yourself STL files [PIY]
  • Applicable Licence


The Overview article, which becomes a defacto hub, for all works on that Project is generally started just before the design work, and published after the first design is completed. 


Not all projects make it to completion! A number of them get their design finalised, an Overview posted and then I sometimes move onto the next project with every intention to return… But there are only so many hours on the day.


For an item line to be considered completed, this website will usually need to have the following articles published:

  • Overview
  • Final
  • Assembly Guide


Once the design is completed, I’ll begin the Prototypes! Most of the kinks are worked out in the modelling phase, but there are some aspects that require a physical item to assess. Once a model is “Final”, it is used to build the Raw Build Kits.



Raw Builds are all printed using PLA and unless otherwise stated, any colour may be used.



Unless otherwise stated, all the licences included with my designs are for personal use. This restricts commercial use, however my designs and models being used in a commercial setting (such as Cosplay) is 100% encouraged.


 The restriction is in place to prevent the designs or models being directly resold without permission.