General Armstron's Sword from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

general armstrong's sword

Full metal alchemist

Off-side view of Tidu's Longsword.

Tidus' Longsword

Final Fantasy X

A side view of Yone's Azakana Blade Sword.

yone's azakana blade

league of legends

Side view of Yone's Wind Sword

Yone's wind sword

league of legends

Render of Wrath's sword from FMAB

wrath/king bradley's sword

full metal alchemist

Render of Loki's Daggers.

Loki's daggers

marvel's loki

Charons Obol coin, front and back

charons obol


Front render of ASOIAF's Crown of Winter. Black spikes atop a bronze inscribed circlet.

crown of winter

a song of ice and fire

All enchantments assembled together.

Elemental enchantments

shop titans

Side view of the Hookshot and Longshot.

Hookshot & Longshot

The Legend of zelda: ocarina of time

Render of Symmetra's Turret on side view.

Symmetra's Turret


Close up view of the FInal Fantasy X Jecht Sphere

jecht sphere

final fantasy x

Render of Testament guilty gear cosplay kit.

testament's accessories

guilty gear strive

Fanned out blades of Irelia's Sentinal Skin.

irelia's sentinal blades

league of legends