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Welcome to the Overview for a project to make a finished coin inspired by Charon’s Obol from Supergiant Games Hades game.


Here I can offer you a little insight into the item that demanded attention, and the characters that bring it to life!


While this unlicenced replica is intended for decorative purposes or for use as a cosplay prop, the main reason for building it is because it’s quite unlike my past work and I can’t stop playing Hades at the moment!


Check out the links at the bottom of the page for full detailed build guides!


As the best game from the worst year, making something from this game was inevitable, but what to select? Between companions, weapons, boons and keepsakes, there is an absolute wealth of options to throw time and attention at!


For this project, I’m opting for simplicity while definitely eyeing up potential future works from this game. I have yet to make any coins, and I love metallic finishes, so making Charon’s Obol seems like a perfect start on what may be a number of Hades inspired items.


I would like to make clear that this, like all my work, is unofficial and completely fan-made. Supergiant Games have done a great job of clarifying what they’re happy with for their IPs and I encourage you to read their thoughts on it.




Charon & Zagreus


Charon, boatman of the Underworld.
Portrait of Charon.

Zag, profile image

Hades just lures me to play it. Again and again and again. Each journey I make offers new potential as I send Zagreus against Hades’ hordes blocking the family reunion. Triumphing over each region can be a Herculean feat in its own right and our hero Zagreus is smart to take every advantage he can summon.


One of the cornerstones of the help on offer comes from our silent ferryman: Charon. Not the most loquacious of characters, but he is reliable and brings offerings that ebb back the tide of the souls of the dead. I can’t count the number of times his inventory has tipped the scales and made the difference.


Nothing in this life or death is free though, and while he may demand a blood price for a discount, his standard items can be traded for coin. The coin I can trade in Hades is Charon’s Obol, the primary currency of each run; they’re lost upon death but vital in life.


For every trip out, a ferry ride back is inevitable, but their symbiotic relationship is forged with the lifeblood of commerce. Even the very greatest on Olympus require Charon’s help to assist Zagreus, but he will charge for the eternal privilege.



Charon’s Obol


I thought it was a small gold coin with the same symbol on both sides but I was wrong…. Somewhere around Prototype II I was playing Hades and saw the coin spin.




Charon's Obol coin, gold with a red symbol
Charon’s Obol.

I saw that there isn’t a copy of the symbol on the reverse of the coin but actually a short, flat pyramid. I should’ve sat on my arse and played video games instead of being productive! The irony isn’t lost on me! The primary symbol is somewhat simple but I have a lot of options regarding how it is made and how it interacts with the coin. I have a plethora of options available, but I don’t want to overthink it yet. Charon’s Obol, the Hades game coin will no doubt provide me plenty of room to overthink later!



The Process


This will be one of my first attempts at creating a smaller item to sell but I’m hoping the simplicity may pay off. As mentioned earlier, I love metallic finishes but don’t entirely know which look I will favour. Some options I need to address now and some later. Will I want the embossing around the edges perfect, or organically flawed? Do I make the symbol convex or concave? Should I make the symbol 3D or flat? Can I use tape to allow sharp edges with the paintwork? Am I able to sand the edges and face fine enough for a shine? Can I get a red LED to shine through from inside? Did I really think I wouldn’t overthink?!!


I plan to make a number of quick revisions following prints but my alterations shouldn’t be too dramatic. Also, a physical evolution timeline might be cool but that means a lot of failures! At this stage, I just needed to start something! I’ve been broadcasting my work recently and uploading it. May I present to you:




The Result:


The finished 3D model:


Wireframe image of the 3d design of Chrons Obol from Hades



The evolution of Prototypes I, II & III:


Prototype one, two and three of Charons Obol coin, sitting in a line.


The Final Model:


Two Hades Charons Obols beside each other finished.



White background with dark purple text saying Final

White background with light purple text saying Prototype III

White background with light purple text saying Prototype II

White background with light purple text saying Prototype I




Thanks for reading!


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