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Welcome to the Overview for a project to make a Turret that Symmetra deploys in Overwatch.


Here I can offer you a little insight into the weapon that demanded attention, and the character that brings it to life!


While this unlicensed replica is intended for decorative purposes or for use as a cosplay prop, the main reason for building it was that I was in a complete fever pitch for Overwatch at the time, and this seemed like an incredible project to learn some new skills on!


Check out the link at the bottom of the page for a full detailed build guide.


Unlike most of my projects, the articles for this project (at least for Prototype I & II) are being written up many years after the item was created. I no longer have access to the files, and what I can show is limited to what I took images of at the time. But there may be a Prototype III/Final one in the future!








Portrait of Symmetra from Overwatch

By manipulating hard-light constructs, Symmetra crafts the world as she wishes it to be, in hopes of engineering a perfect society. She earnestly believes her actions serve the greater good in society, though there are times when she wonders whether the control and order she desires are truly best for humanity.


When light-bending, Symmetra uses Kathak dance movements.


Symmetra is on the autism spectrum; she has demonstrated traits associated with the condition such as having trouble with social interactions, suffering from sensory overload and preferring environments that are structured and harmonious. She finds it hard to sit still and has set routines, which ensure there is always order and calm in some part of her life. Even in hotels, she has time alone and cleaves to her routines as much as possible. As a child, she struggled with understanding metaphors, though as an adult, she is more adept at understanding such figures of speech.


While Symmetra does not hesitate to carry out missions of dubious morality for her company (such as digging up blackmail material to sabotage competitors), she dislikes killing and only resorts to lethal force if she has to.



Symmetra turret png icon


The Turret


The turret is a small sphere suspended in the air above three legs. The top section of the sphere features a metal rim surrounding a blue circular light pattern. In the middle of the blue light (or red when firing) is a small metal protrusion, almost like the barrel of a gun.


The use of the turret has changed in the years since Overwatch has released, with tweaks to its power, amount of usable at one time or even range of deployment! Few things were as fun as watching a squishy charge through the car wash, then watching them be too slow to escape! Great times!


The look of the turret is usually transformed somewhat when there is a new Sym skin released, but for simplicity, I’ll be making the original model… Although that purple and gold model is beautiful and calling me! Many of her skins are simply colour changes, but some, such as the Halloween skin, are significant overhauls to the way it looks. These are all great options for future projects depending on a number of factors.





The Process


Hoooooooh boy, what was I thinking at the time?! To say this was ambitious for my skill level would be vastly understating the situation!


I can’t tell you what I was thinking about the upcoming process required here, but the project itself required learning a few basics about microcontrollers, soldering a rig, incorporating the electronics, not to mention hiding all of this inside a well finished product!! What was I honestly thinking? That I would complete this project?!


I could be given this project today, and look at it as a little too much… (And that’s interesting given I did actually succeed!)


Breaking it down, I needed to design the body, and make sure there was enough room for electrical components. Each part of this big build needed baby steps in the right direction, and I’m willing to put money on only being able to complete this based on not seeing the overall amount of work required. I was quite happy bumbling along on the next little step then the next little step, and so forth, eventually I passed the finish line!



The Result


This is the finished piece from Prototype II, and under it is the updated design for the Prototype III/Final version (article coming… but not soon!!).


Finished Symmetra Turret Prototype II close up

Render of Symmetra's Turret on side view.

White background with light purple text saying Prototype II

White background with light purple text saying Prototype I


White background with dark grey text saying Assembly Guide



Thanks for reading!


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