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Welcome to the Overview for a project to make a cosplay sword inspired by Tidus’ Longsword from Final Fantasy X.


Here I can offer you a little insight into the blade that demanded attention, and the character that brings it to life!


While this unlicenced replica is intended for decorative purposes or for use as a cosplay prop, the main reason for building it is because it’s FFX, and anything in from Spira is fodder for making!


In this project I will be making Tidus’ Longsword from Final Fantasy X. As one of my favourite games of all time, crafting anything from this world is an obvious and easy choice.


I have completed a number of swords thus far, but they have all been relatively standard. This will be my first (and hopefully not final) fantasy sword. This will be a life-size model, likely between 600mm and 900mm long. Depending on what looks best on the design, I may need to try a few different sizes. As well as the life-size models, I’ll be crafting some much smaller single-piece versions. I’m planning on these being roughly 120mm long. I will likely be offering them raw as an item to paint yourself.


While actual size swords are an obvious winner to any Final Fantasy X fan and smaller ones are a cool item some might like, I really think there is a third middle-ground option here as well; a medium-sized version, around 300mm long, primarily for decorative purposes. I feel the distinct visual aesthetics that the Longsword offers would go perfectly with this kind of size. Lastly, the 3D File is currently available to purchase.


I highly doubt this will be my last FFX inspired piece, but given my time-honoured love for the game, this project has been a long time coming!

Check out the links at the bottom of the page for a full detailed build guide, as well as the Assembly Guide if you’re thinking of Printing It Yourself!



Official artwork of Tidus from Final Fantasy XStar player of the Zanarkand Abes, Tidus


Headstrong, wayward and emotional. The energetic protagonist of Final Fantasy X is one of the most enthusiastic heroes from the legendary Final Fantasy series. Usually the first to leap into action with a hop, skip, and a slash, Tidus allows the story to be seen from the perspective of an outsider to Spira. He grounds the player with the morality that they have and gives voice to the heartbreak that other guardians (except one) have accepted with silent acquiescence.


Our hero comes to the world of Spira with very little. Nothing but the clothes on his back and a couple of decades worth of emotional baggage. His tenuous relationship with his father, and distant one with his mother before her passing, follow him throughout the story.


The emotionally heavy aspects of his character, however, rarely penetrate through his wilful and outgoing nature. While his true origins may not be apparent to begin with, it’s clear he will fight to keep moving forward whatever the cost… Whatever the cost.



Longsword – Knights Sword – Taming Sword


A render of tidus' sword from FFX
Take it. A gift from Jecht.

With its distinct crimson & steel blade, Tidus’ Longsword from Final Fantasy X is a rare mix of simple, unique and instantly recognizable. The first few hours will see this in his hands slicing and dicing through the nimble monsters. Late game will then see this design used again for other versions with different abilities.


The curved, wave-like shape of the blade nicely matches the flow of the character who wields it and the way his attacks are animated.


From looking through reference images of the item, I am unsure if the hilt is supposed to be depicting wood or a leather wrap given that there is no detail on it, it’s just kinda brown. The hilt has three tiny steel studs on either side, for six total. The black handle has a gold stud on each side and appears to be wrapped in a white cloth strip. And lastly, the golden pommel at the bottom of the handle contains two flat-head screw studs; one on each side.


As soon as I make one, I’ll be trying to swing it like Tidus does… And if *I’m* planning on doing that, it is likely that anyone that loves FFX may intend to do the exact same thing the second it is in their hands. For this reason, I will either need to make it an absolute unit, or advise that it is for decorative purposes only (and I definitely want to go with the former of the two!)



The Process


There are a number of problems I have identified before even starting:


First, how I will cut the strangely shaped blade to come together post-print.


Second, the fin on the rear of the blade may be an issue for me. It has the potential to block me being able to access the inside for sanding and painting purposes.


Third, the tip of the blade has a lot more material than the thinner lower parts, potentially causing weight distribution issues. I will need to tweak infill densities to find a weight distribution that works.


Excluding the splitting of the blade, these are problems that will be difficult to speculate on in advance. Once I get a prototype in my hands, these issues will be easier to resolve. The handle, hilt and studs all look like they will cause me little to no issue.





As an ongoing Project, the image below is of my furthest progress on a model, this being Prototype I:


Wireframe image of the Tidus' First Sword from Final Fantasy X



Image of Tidus Cosplay sword



White background with light purple text saying Prototype I

White background with dark grey text saying Assembly Guide




Thanks for reading!


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