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Welcome to the Overview for a project to make a collection of small trinkets inspired by the Elemental Enchantments and Runestones from Kabam’s RPG Shopkeeper Simulator: Shop Titans.


Here I can offer you a little insight into the stones that boost your gear and power up your heroes!


While these unlicensed replicas are intended for decorative purposes, I’m choosing this as a project because I can’t think of a better item to level up my resin work skill on!



Shop Titans


Shop Titans is a free to play game available for Steam, Android and iOS.


I don’t play too many mobile games, but this has managed to keep me hooked for a few years now. The developers have done a great job of evolving the game with time, and I definitely recommend checking it out on your platform of choice!




Shop Titans Elemental Enchantments


Enchantments are used to power up your gear, pushing them to higher stats and offering boosted skills. Even early game, they’re essential for squeezing every point you can out of your champions. Being so core, they can also be used to push your boundaries financially, with lucky Legendaries fetching a fair sum on the market!


The items themselves are simple enough to make this a very realistic project. This will be a good excuse to play around with casting some resin in silicone molds.


The Process


The plan to make these will be to model them in the normal manner and then print them out on the SLA printer. I’ll need to do very little post-processing before making some silicone molds. Once I have a few? Resin, dyes, syringes, fun stuff!!


Putting aside Moonstones (which don’t match the appearance of the rest) there are the blank runes stones, the elements and the spirits.


For the elements, we have light, dark, nature, fire, water, air and opulent. Spirits come in shark, dinosaur, walrus, lion, bear and mammoth flavour.


As well as casting with resin, I’ll be using a second lighter application for the inlay. This will be easy enough for the elements, but the rainbow effect in the spirits may need further material investigation.


The Result


At the moment, this project is purely a design, with the first run of prototypes due soon!


All enchantments assembled together.

Render of Opulant Element Enchanment.




Thanks for reading!


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